About Us

Its in the name, We formed this company to help bring back older exotic pre-workouts and supplements that have been taken away from us by the FDA. Pre-workouts that hit us like no others and have been sold overseas and other places underground. We find these pre-workouts and test them to make sure they are just as strong as they used to be. We then sell them in full sealed tubs to you, aswell as offering single scoop samples so that you, the consumer will not have to worry about buying a full tub. We take the risk and hassle buying overseas to pick up long loved favorites. We are US based so you can accept quick and reliable shipping/payment options.

We started out on Ebay and as our customer base grew, we decided to start a website so that we can offer lower priced options to counter Ebays unnecessary fee they take. Our customer service is unmatched, we take pride in the fact we value each and every customer new, or returning and give everyone a real human on human questions/concerns comunication.